Ghosts of Greenglass House

Ghosts of Greenglass HouseBy Kate Milford

Milo Pine and his family return in this follow-up story to Greenglass House.  One year has passed since Milo’s first mystery.  Christmas is rapidly approaching but there is still no snow.  To make matters worse, Milo is having trouble with his teacher, and school is really stressing him out.  He can’t wait to have a quiet holiday with his mom and dad.  When a series of unexpected guests show up, Milo realizes this will not be the holiday he’s been dreaming of.

Emmett Syebuck, a budding artist, is already staying at Greenglass House.  Next, Clem and Georgie, professional thieves and friends of the Pines, arrive for a girls’ weekend.  Then things really get weird with the arrival of the Waits, a group of Christmas carolers dressed in bizarre clothing and crowned with candles — some are even masquerading as a hobby horse. 


Once the carolers are invited inside, things start to go missing – including the stash that Georgie and Clem had already stolen.  When Milo’s old friend Meddy shows up, he knows he will have the courage to solve the mystery and find the missing items.  But amongst these “innocent” carolers, can they really figure out which one is a thief?

As Milo and Meddy embark on their next adventure, they confront thieves, smugglers, customs agents, and even ghosts from Greenglass House’s past.  Ghosts of Greenglass House combines folklore, history and holiday traditions to make a fantastic mystery.  If you loved the first Greenglass House, read this book!