Howard Wallace, P.I.

Howard Wallace, P.I.By Casey Lyall

Howard Wallace is a twelve-year-old middle schooler.  He’s a bit awkward and doesn’t have many friends.  However, Howard does have skills that bring people to him; he is a private investigator – one of the best.  And although he is often hired for rather minor investigations – such as locating little Kevin’s Spaceman Joe – Howard is about to be pulled into the investigation of his career.

Luckily, he is not alone.  Much to his chagrin, the new girl in town, Ivy Mason, is determined to become Howard’s partner.  After accosting him several times in his “office” and while on a stakeout, Howard reluctantly agrees to take Ivy on.

The two P.I.s are faced with a serious case.  Meredith Reddy, treasurer of the Student Council, has had the school cheques stolen from her and is now being blackmailed.  Threatening notes are found, and if Meredith can’t clear her name, all the power on the Student Council will go to Lisa Grantley, a girl whose family runs the whole town.

Howard starts receiving threatening notes too, but he and Ivy can’t be stopped.  Although they risk getting in trouble with their parents, teachers and the school principal, they persevere.  Can Wallace and Mason solve this case, making a name for themselves along the way?

Despite its middle school subject matter, Howard Wallace, P.I. is a riveting mystery.  Kids will identify with both Howard and Ivy’s shortcomings and enjoy their creativity in turning day-to-day life into a passion and a potential career.