Lizard’s Tale


Lizard’s Tale

By Weng Wai Chan

Lizard is a boy living on his own in a shack in Singapore during World War II.  His parents have passed away, and his beloved Uncle Archie, whom he used to live with, has disappeared.  Lizard is able to make a living through petty theft and with a little help from his friend Lili.

Lizard is sent on a mission to steal a box from a hotel room at the Raffles Hotel.  Although he’s an expert thief, he does not expect Georgina, the daughter of a British officer, to be inside the room.  Caught in the act, Lizard has no choice but to give Georgina some information about what he’s doing.  She lets Lizard go, but when he then finds out that one of his associates is dead, he realizes he’s caught up in something much more serious than he thought.

Lizard soon learns that the Japanese may be plotting to take over Singapore.  He can’t do it alone, but with Lili and Georgina’s help, he may be able to stop this sinister plot (and perhaps locate his uncle at the same time).

If you like spy stories, try Lizard’s Tale.