One Came Home

One Came HomeBy Amy Timberlake

Thirteen-year-old Georgie Burkhardt’s older sister, Agatha, has disappeared.  To her family’s horror, a mostly unidentifiable body is found on the wagon road to another town and everyone assumes it’s Agatha.  But even though the body is wearing Agatha’s blue-green dress and has the same auburn hair, Georgie does not believe it is her sister and sets off to find her.

She is joined by Agatha’s former boyfriend, Billy McCabe.  They travel from their home in Placid, Wisconsin along the same road Agatha followed, looking for clues.  Eventually, they are led to the home of the Garrow family, way up in the Wisconsin hills.  The Garrows may have seen Agatha, but they are not entirely reliable witnesses. 

Georgie and Billy soon discover much more than they bargained for.  They become fully embroiled in an adventure complete with criminals, counterfeit money and shootouts.  But the mystery of Agatha’s disappearance remains.  Is Agatha really still alive as Georgie thinks?  Will they ever get back to their day-to-day life?

Set in 1871 Wisconsin, One Came Home is historical fiction, mystery and western all rolled into one.  I couldn’t put it down!