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Owls In The Family

Owls in the Family  by Farley Mowat

Billy is a boy who likes to adopt exotic pets.  He’s got 30 gophers, a bunch of rats, a cardboard box full of garter snakes, at least 10 pigeons, rabbits, and Mutt the dog, all of whom live with him and his family at their home in Saskatchewan.

Billy and two of his friends decide that they would like to adopt an owl.  With a little help from one of their teachers, they manage to get two owls that they take to Billy’s house.  He names them Wol and Weeps.

With a five-foot wingspan and inch-long claws, these owls are not your usual pets.  Wol especially is a tough bird and can defend himself against any other animal, including neighbourhood dogs.  Billy and his owls have many humorous adventures, often ending with one owl riding home on Billy’s bike handlebars.

A hilarious tale about boys and animals, Owls In The Family will appeal to anyone who loves a great story.