Real Mermaids don’t wear heals

By Helene BoudreauI am a big fan of mermaids; from my love of T.V series H2O to my collection of mermaid figurines these creatures of the deep facinate me. This is the reason that I first started reading the “Real Mermaids” series. This is the third book in the series and follows Jade as she tries to stop The Mermish Council from making all land dwelling mer-people go back to the ocean. She just happens to not be a huge fan of the ocean. She’s a freshman and really doesn’t want to miss her first dance, even though she’s a bit uncoordinated.I love the fact that Jade seems just like every other young woman; struggleing with her looks, friends, parents and boys. But she also has to deal with being a mermaid.This is a fun series and I recommend it to all the mermaid lovers out there. Check out Real Mermaids don’t wear heels or any of the Real Mermaids series. If you haven’t watched H2O before check it out on Hoopla, it is free with your library card.