Shine!By J.J. and Chris GrabensteinPiper Milly is a fairly average kid.  Her mother was a musical prodigy, and her father is a music teacher who enters his school singing groups into competitions and even writes his own show tunes.  Piper can’t even carry a tune.When Piper’s dad gets offered a job at the exclusive Chumley Academy, he is thrilled.  As part of the package, Piper will get free tuition and now has the chance to attend a very expensive private school.  Mr. Milly can’t wait, but Piper’s going to miss her public school friends.All the students at Chumley seem to excel in many ways.  Piper may not have a special talent, but she does have a passion: astronomy.  She quickly shows her new teachers and classmates that she has a lot of scientific knowledge and she looks forward to competing in the Science Fair.But no matter what Piper does, some of the kids at Chumley are downright mean.  The meanest of the bunch is Ainsley Braden-Hammerschmidt, who feels entitled to win every competition in music, science and sports, and really enjoys making Piper feel small.But Piper is resilient.  She makes her own friends, tries her best, and always shows a willingness to help out when others are in trouble.When the big competition of the year, the Excelsior Award, is announced, the students go crazy vying for the big win.  Piper wants to win too.  But in the end, she shows that being a good friend is the most important thing of all.  And who knows?  Maybe a kid like Piper will still get a chance to shine!Shine is a feel-good book that will inspire you to excel, but also to be an all-round good person.  If you’re a kid who needs a confidence boost, try reading Shine!