Shouldn’t You Be In School?

Shouldn’t You Be In School?   by Lemony Snicket

Whenever adults ask the inevitable question, “Shouldn’t you be in school?”, Lemony Snicket tells them he is an “apprentice”  in a “special program”.  He and his chaperone Theodora S. Markson are trying to solve the mystery of a series of arsons that have occurred in the town of Stain’d by the Sea.  They ask questions around town until Theodora proclaims to have solved the mystery and leaves Snicket alone so that she can have some girl time with Sharon Haines of the Department of Education.

Meanwhile, more fires are burning, the hydrants have been tampered with, and it becomes obvious that Sharon Haines is involved somehow with the villainous Hangfire who is likely behind the arsons.

Confused?  Wait until you meet Snicket’s list of “associates”, many of whom are children or teens.  There’s Kellar Haines, Sharon’s son, who works at the Department of Education.  There’s the striking Ellington Feint (could she be involved too?).  There’s Jake Hix, a chef, and his sweetheart, Cleo Knight, a brilliant chemist.  And there’s Moxie Mallahan, a journalist who never stops typing.  

Again, most adults wonder, “Shouldn’t you be in school?”  Instead, these intrepid children, none of whom attend school, band together to solve the mystery that is destroying the town. 

From the All The Wrong Questions series, this fascinating mystery book will certainly keep you guessing.  Grades 4-7