Sleepover Sleuths

Sleepover SleuthsBy Carolyn KeeneHere is one from a classic series that many will remember from their youth; Nancy Drew is still at it after 85 years. She is still solving crimes and poking her nose in places that get her into trouble. The Nancy Drew writers continue to revamp and reinvent the classic stories about this iconic character. This newest evolution of the series follows an elementary school aged Nancy. Sleepover Sleuths brings us an 8 year old Nancy Drew who has been invited, along with her best friends, to a sleepover party with one of the moist spoiled and coolest girls in school. All invited to the sleepover must bring their “City Girl Dolls,” only the niftiest dolls in town. Each sleepover attendee brings their prized City Girl Doll to Deirdre’s party. They all enjoy pizza, cake, prizes and games as well as talk of the very special Hollywood Heather, City Girl doll, she’s the rarest City Girl Doll on the market and all the party goers are talking about how cool this rare doll would be to have. The party is off to a great start but we all know that where there is Nancy Drew there is sure to be a mystery to solve.Will all the girls be able to stay up all night? Will the Hollywood Heather doll make an appearance? Will Nancy save the day once again? Check out a copy today to find out. This is also available on Tumble Books as a read along story.