The Blackthorn Key

by Kevin SandsIt’s 1665 in London, England. Christopher Rowe is an apothecary’s apprentice. His master, Benedict Blackthorn – a well-respected, if slightly absentminded, apothecary, is teaching Christopher all about combining ingredients to create powerful medicines, as well as codes and puzzles that help to keep recipes for said medicines a secret.  Suddenly apothecaries all over the city are being murdered. What is going on, and who is responsible for the deaths?  After the murders hit much too close to home, Christopher and his best friend Tom follow a series of clues and puzzles to discover that there was much more to Master Blackthorn than they first thought. As they get closer to solving the mystery they uncover a secret that has the power to change the world forever. After reading The Blackthorn Key, you’ll also want to read the sequel, Mark of the Plague, which was published this year.