The Boy Who Lost Fairyland

The Boy Who Lost FairylandBy Catherynne M. ValenteThe Boy Who Lost Fairyland is an adaptation of the classic tale The Changeling. This is the fourth book in the Fairyland series but it does not follow the adventures of September like the first three books, this book can stand alone. Catherynne M. Valente has created a fantastical world with trolls and fairies and mischief and magic where rocks can tell tales and dragons exist. A young troll, Hawthorn, is whisked away to live on Earth in a strange place called Chicago. He is to live as a human boy. The fairyland folk have taken a young couples child and replaced him with a troll disguised as their boy, a changeling. We also meet Tamburlaine, a tree girl, who is living as a changeling. The two must hide their secret, come together and find their way back to Fairyland.Valente has done a wonderful job of showing how strange and wonderful our world must look through the eyes of a troll.Richmond Public Library has this title available in streaming audio through your Hoopla account as well as hard cover copies available at a branch near you. I especially enjoyed the vocabulary and descriptions that Valente uses and would recommend this series to both children and adults.