The Disaster Days

The Disaster DaysBy Rebecca Behrens

Hannah Steele is a first-time babysitter.  At 13 years old, she’s not sure she should be in charge of anyone.  Luckily she’s babysitting close to home, so she’s not too worried.

Hannah and her charges, Oscar and Zoe, live on Pelling Island, a fictional suburb of Seattle.  Although they are close to the big city, Pelling feels very small indeed.  Houses are separated by the forest and there are only a few families on Hannah’s street.  But having grown up on Pelling, Hannah feels totally safe and secure there.

Hannah’s mom is still at work, her dad is out of town, and Oscar and Zoe’s mom, Andrea, has gone to an event in the city.  None of the kids’ adults are on the island when the earth starts to shake.  Windows shatter, furniture shifts, pottery smashes to the floor and the fridge falls over.  Hannah, Oscar and Zoe are terrified, but they know their parents will come for them immediately.

Day turns to night and no parents arrive.  Hannah knows she must take charge of the situation to keep Oscar and Zoe safe and secure.  She did not ask for the responsibility of taking care of two kids in an earthquake disaster zone, but she knows she must do it. Hannah wonders if having her in charge will be more dangerous than the earthquake.  Will she have enough faith in herself to step up and take responsibility?

Disaster Days is a great book for those who love survival stories (like me).  WARNING: The earthquake aftermath can be quite scary, especially since we are living in the same earthquake zone as those in Seattle.  Read at your own risk!