The Glass Sentence

The Glass SentenceBy S.E. Grove

Sophia lives with her Uncle Shadrack, a famous cartologer, in the era after the Great Disruption.  Now, different time periods, from both past and future, have emerged in the present.  Now, different regions of the world belong to different Ages.

Sophia’s parents have long ago gone missing and Shadrack is hoping to take Sophia on an expedition to find them.  In preparation for the trip, he begins teaching Sophia how to read maps.  But the maps of Sophia’s world are much more sophisticated than ours.  Maps can be made from many materials — paper, glass, plants and even water.  They also carry more than just geographical information – they carry memories and feelings.  For those who know how to read them, they supply information about events of the past, or even the future.

When Shadrack is kidnapped from his own home, Sophia is devastated but she knows she must find him.  Shadrack has left her a small clue.  With the help of her new friend Theo, Sophia sets off on her own journey.

Traveling across borders and through different Ages is challenging, and soon Sophia and Theo discover they are being followed.  Before they know it, they are embroiled in a terrifying and thrilling adventure.  Complete with pirates, men with scars, underground caverns and maps that can save the world, The Glass Sentenceis an exciting and suspenseful fantasy.  With two more books that follow in this trilogy, The Glass Sentence is a must read!