The Last Thirteen: 13

The Last Thirteen: 13  By James Phelan

Sam, Eva and Alex are average teenagers, but their dreams are intense and sometimes frightening.  Sam has been sent to a psychiatrist to deal with his dreams and the aftermath of a traumatic event.  

But when Sam’s school is raided by “national security agents” and he is whisked away in a helicopter, life gets really crazy.  Eva and Alex suffer the same fate and together they must figure out what is happening to them.

It turns out Sam, and possibly Eva and Alex are among “the last thirteen”, those who dream the future and can help save humanity from a terrible, evil future.  The Academy has taken them from their families and will teach them how to control and use their gifts.

Although they have been taken to a mountaintop school with every amenity and technological advantage, the three teens miss their homes and really just want to be regular teenagers.  How will they make the transition to secret agents who save the world?

This book is the first in a series of very readable, extremely fast-paced action.  Each subsequent book counts down from 13 with the final book in the series being 1.  This series is suitable for grades 5 and up.