The Magic Misfits

The Magic Misfits    by Neil Patrick Harris   The Magic Misfits is a fun, quirky middle grade book by actor Neil Patrick Harris. It begins with Carter, a young boy who lives with his Uncle Sly, a street con artist who forces Carter, a young magician, to assist him with his pick-pocketing. Having had enough of his uncle’s dishonest ways,Carter takes a chance and runs away on a train leaving town. Not sure where he is headed, Carter leaves the train when he sees a sea of circus tents in a little town of Mineral Wells. Heading to the circus, where he can hide amongst the crowd, Carter encounters B.B. Bosso and his unruly, band of crooked con artists.

Meeting Dante Vernon, a local illusionist, leads Carter to his first real family and a group of magic misfits who quickly become his friends. Using each of their magical skills, this diverse group of pals; Leila, Ridley, Theo, Olly, Izzy and Carter unite to thwart the villainous exploits of Bosso and his thugs.

This is a fun read that is more than the story of Carter and his magical friends. Each chapter includes magic tricks the reader can try at home, secrets and codes to crack. The book speaks to you in Neil Patrick Harris’ inimitable chatter and is sure to delight his fans and those new to his writing.