The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

The Mystery of Black Hollow LaneBy Julia Nobel

Emmy is a lonely kid.  Her mother, a so-called parenting expert, is so busy that she doesn’t have much time for Emmy.  Her father disappeared when she was three, and Emmy’s mother won’t talk about him – in fact, she has disposed of everything her father owned.

But there’s one exception.  Emmy finds a box tucked away in the attic.  It looks like a treasure box, and is filled with intricately carved medallions.  Emmy is certain that the box is a clue to her dad’s whereabouts, and she takes it for herself.  When Emmy learns that she is being sent to Wellsworth, a prestigious boarding school in England, she brings the box with her.

Wellsworth is different from any school she’s ever attended.  The old stone buildings and wind off the North Sea give it an air of mystery.  As Emmy becomes immersed in life at Wellsworth, she learns that many things are not what they seem.  Latin Society, for example, is much less a society for learning Latin and more of a clique that doesn’t want her around.  Her new friends, Lola and Jack, as well as some of the teachers, even suggest she quit the Latin Society.  But why?

As Emmy delves into the secrets of the Latin Society, she stumbles upon some shocking information – her father, Thomas, attended Wellsworth as well, but Emmy is warned not to speak of him.  Those in power at Wellsworth, it seems, have secrets that they don’t want uncovered – secrets that have something to do with Emmy’s father and his box of medallions.

Emmy and her two companions begin to realize that they are becoming involved in some very serious business.  In fact, their lives might be in danger.  But Emmy is determined to learn more about her father.  When Emmy, Lola and Jack discover a secret passageway, they know it will provide some answers.  But once they enter, will they get back out in one piece?

This suspenseful page-turner is a boarding school story at its best.  Mystery-lovers: don’t miss it!