The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

By Peter Brown

Can a robot survive in the wilderness?  Robot Roz must do exactly that when she discovers that she has washed up on the shore of a remote island.  Although Roz has been programmed to know many things, she does not know how to survive in the outdoors.  But Roz, being an adaptable robot, can learn.  She watches the animals and learns their language.  She becomes adept at making friends and asking for help.  And although the animals initially call her “monster”, she is able to win them over.

Most amazing of all, Roz adopts an orphan goose and calls him Brightbill.  Roz does not feel emotions the way humans do, but she becomes protective of Brightbill as she nurtures him and helps him survive.  Even the other animals on the island acknowledge that Roz, against all odds, has become a mother.

But robots were not made to be mothers to geese.  They were made to work for humans.  Eventually, her makers come looking for her, creating a frenzy on the quiet island.  Will Roz be able to stay with the family and friends she has come to treasure?

The Wild Robot addresses our world’s changing technology in a very touching way.  Both animal lovers and techie types will enjoy it.  Grades 2-5.