We Are Growing!

We Are Growing!By Laurie Keller

One of the new Elephant & Piggie Like Reading books, We Are Growing by Laurie Keller entices emerging readers to keep practicing their skills once they’ve finished all the books in their beloved Mo Willems series.

With high-impact, brightly coloured and cartoonish illustrations, simple text and larger than life sounds throughout (“Ping! Bam! Zap! Whee!), We Are Growing tells the story of a bunch of blades of grass, all of whom are growing up in their own special way.  Each one has a prominent trait that makes it unique from all the others.  One is the tallest, another is the curliest, another is the silliest, and so on.  

Just like kids, each blade of grass is distinct from the other and keeps growing like, well, a weed.

We Are Growing is engaging enough to do what it’s designed to do: keep kids reading.


As Elephant says, “I love to read.”  “Me, too,” says Piggie.