Willliam Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle

William Wenton and the Impossible PuzzleBy Bobbie Peers

William Olsen has been living in Norway for the past eight years.  When William’s grandfather disappeared, William and his parents had to leave England and now they are in hiding.  William longs to know the secrets that sent his family underground.  He also longs to go back to his real name: William Wenton.

When William hears that The Impossible Puzzle is coming to the History of Science Museum, he can’t wait to attend.  He loves deciphering codes and puzzles, and the world’s best cryptographers can’t solve this one.  But William’s mother is worried; she warns him not to draw attention to himself at this exhibit.

But William can’t help himself – when he gets the chance, he has to try solving The Impossible Puzzle.  Too bad his skill with code-breaking makes him the centre of attention.  Before he knows it, William and his parents are forced out of their house with somethingchasing them.  William barely escapes with his life!

He finds himself being whisked away by strangers.  He arrives at the “Institute” where he quickly becomes a student of sorts.  He soon learns that the Institute has links to his missing grandfather.  Can William finally solve the mystery of his grandfather’s disappearance?  Will he discover his family secrets once and for all?

This action-packed novel is full of code-breaking, robots, high-speed chases and adventure.  If you love a suspenseful thrill ride, this book is for you!