By R.J PalacioThis is a must read, not only an award winner but also high acclaim from young and old. This is a wonderful story about a boy, home schooled for his entire life he is placed in a private school. Going from a protected environment and placed in a typical middle school where superficial ideals are disappointingly real. Our main character, Auggie, was born with a facial deformity. So not only is Auggie the new kid, which is hard enough, he is also an easy target for teasing and ridicule. Thanks to a wonderful family environment Auggie is up for the task of trying to convince his new friends and classmates that he is just like them.At the core we are all wonders, we are all fragile and this wonderful story is uplifting and a sweet story with a message. And remember: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! then go and pick up a copy of Wonder.