All The Crooked Saints

All The Crooked SaintsBy Maggie Stiefvater

Beatriz Soria is not only fiercely intelligent, she can also grant miracles.  So can her cousins, cool Joaquin and saintly Daniel.  In fact, all the Sorias have the power to grant miracles.  In Bicho Raro, Colorado, miracles are commonplace. 

The Sorias are accustomed to “pilgrims” who come to them in desperation and they are willing to help.  But there is a catch: no one knows what kind of ill effects a miracle will produce.  Miracles, it seems, are simply a way to push people into dealing with their own problems, but some never do…

A Soria miracle could make you into a giant, as it did for Tony, a radio DJ.  Or it could make rain follow you wherever you go, trapping the butterflies that you attract on your dress, soggy and unable to fly away; this is what happened to Marisita.  Or the miracle could produce a giant snake that entwines you and your twin sister, leaving you unable to leave her side, as it did with Robbie and Betsy.

The Sorias would like to help when a miracle leaves a pilgrim in distress, but there are strict rules against this.  But when Beatriz, Joaquin and Daniel, set up a movable radio station in the back of a truck, they may find a miracle of their own.

Maggie Steifvater’s All the Crooked Saints is strange and beautiful.  Steifvater’s magical realism makes the high desert of Colorado, and its inhabitants, into a world unto itself.  In Steifvater’s world, fantasy and reality intertwine to create a bewitching novel.  

Highly recommended!