Book of the Month: August – Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Marie Antoinette, Serial KillerBy Katie AlenderThe story opens in Paris, the apartment of a beautiful, 19 year old, up-and-coming French model, Gabrielle. She has just arrived home from a chic party and is getting ready for bed. Admiring herself in the mirror she notices a dark smudge on her arm. She tries to wash it off but no matter what it would not wash away. As she leaves her wash room she notices that, strangely, all of the lights are on. She calls out to see if anyone is home but there is no-one. Just then she feels like someone is watching her, she turns and there in front of her is a strange woman in a strange costume. Gabrielle is surprised, the woman just stares coldly at Gabrielle. The woman then hisses “Are you from the Rou family?” in French. Then without warning the mirror behind this frightening stranger shatters and a large piece of the mirror comes flying directly at Gabrielle’s neck. Then Gabrielle’s head falls to the floor.With an opening like this Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer had me hooked. I love a good murder mystery and this one takes place in the beautiful and magical city of Paris, France. I decided to listen to this one through Hoopla. This eAudio book is read by Erin Spenser and Elea Oberon. The story is written in two parts; readers follow Colette Iselin as she takes a trip to Paris with her French class. The other part is written from the point of view of the poor murder victims; there is a serial killer on the lose in Paris. While Colette is trying to enjoy her tour of Paris she finds herself seeing the strange apparition of a beautiful woman dressed in 18th century garb, showing up in historic locations around the city. What does this all mean? With clues popping up all over the city Colette might be the key to understanding and solving the mystery.Author Katie Alender takes readers are whisked away to Paris as they follow Colette on her path to understanding her family history, tours the city, brushes up on her French, learns about true friendship and maybe even falls in love.I like listening to these Hoopla eAudiobooks while I walk my dog in the morning. It is easy to stream them on any device and it is free with your library card. Set up an account today and check out Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer for yourself.Looking for more books like this? Check out my YA murder mystery book list in our Library Catalogue.