Book of the Month: September – Emmy & Oliver

Emmy & Oliverby Robin BenwayEmmy and Oliver are best friends up until grade 2 when the unthinkable happens, Oliver is kidnapped by his dad. Oliver’s friends and family are all devastated when he disappears and for 10 years Oliver is always in everyone’s minds – lost, but not forgotten. One day they receive the news they have all been waiting for – Oliver has been found! For Emmy this brings back fond memories of a boy that she felt an instant bond with, and a hope they can take up where they left off. However, when Oliver arrives back home it becomes clear that nothing is the same. The boy that was taken from them has grown up. Moreover, Oliver is struggling with reconciling the truth of his kidnapping by a man that he can’t help but still love.Will Emmy and Oliver find a way back to each other? Will Oliver be able to look forward to his future knowing that his past has been a lie?A fantastic book that is funny, heart wrenching, and real. A great read!

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