Digital Community Projects

Mlady Escape by team Squirrel

BCCL Theme Run! Milday is in trouble! She is being chased. Use her special ability to change gravity and survive as long as possible.

Guy Simulator by Dr. Pixel and Dr. Pad

BCCL Theme Run! Play as the one and only guy! Arrow keys / WASD to move + spacebar to jump. Avoid the holes! (Note: Down or S to crouch)

Adios Runner by Canned Coconuts

BCCL Theme Run! 2 Person multiplayer game where dodging bananas is more important than winning

Zalgo 2 by Biltcipher

BCCL Theme Run! A horrible military experiment gone wrong. Pick up the eyes, or the tentacle monster will speed up. Press D right away to start. Dodge with WASD keys and RUN!

Ancient Library

Sift the ruins of a lost civilization to find the secrets held by its long-lost library!

Ancient Treasures

Treasure awaits! Find the secrets of the ancient ruins.

Carnival Lockdown

A mysterious invitation, but once you enter the Carnival, will you ever be able to leave?

Escape from Alcatraz

You’ve been imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit, how will you escape?

Escape the Library

You find yourself in a haunted library, can you survive and find a way out?

Spooky Spectral of the Shipyards

Hunting ghosts and paranormal activity leads you to the shipyards, but have you explored too far?

The Cat’s Pajamas

Find the lead performer who has disappeared, before time runs out!

The Haunted House

A Halloween tale written by students of our Inky writing course

Water, water everywhere

A pick-your-path adventure based on Dungeons and Dragons