The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang EffectBy Gordon JackThis is the first book that I have read in a really long time that actually had me laughing out loud. Let’s just say the domino effect is in full force here, one bad decision can start a landslide!Lawrence Barry is a junior and reminded me a little bit of Ferris Bueller except Lawrence’s charm doesn’t always hit the mark and readers end up feeling a little sorry for him rather that feeling he’s “the coolest.” There is a masked prankster on the lose and Lawrence is the prime suspect due to his “not-so-great” reputation. Thanks to a men-tee program Lawrence gets the chance to redeem himself showing a hidden intelligence and heart when he is forced to quit smoking pot. He’s under the threat of reform school and there is nothing like threatening to take a person away from their friends to sober you up.The Boomerang Effect is a pretty quick read and I would recommend it to the reluctant reader who, like myself, can find some books a little daunting. With a mystery, plenty of pranks and a good number of laughs the pages will fly by. With relatable characters and some silly situations Gordon Jack has created one entertaining read!