The Safest Lies

by Megan MirandaKelsey has lived most of her life in the shadow of fear.  17 years ago Kelsey’s mom escaped from kidnappers, with no memory of the year she was held in captivity. Now, terrified that the kidnappers might come back, Kelsey and her mom live in a fortress-like house – complete with electric fence and finger-print locks.  Kelsey attends public high school (in part so that the authorities aren’t tipped off about the strange living situation she and her mom have) and volunteers as a tutor after school.  Although a bit out of the ordinary, Kelsey’s life is fairly quiet.  All of this changes one night when Kelsey is in a car accident and she`s rescued by the local volunteer fire department.  All of a sudden, her name and face are in the papers, and then her mom disappears.  Kelsey knows she wouldn’t have just gone anywhere willingly-  her mom hasn’t left the house in 17 years.  Has her mom`s worst fear come true? Have the kidnappers come back?  As the truth comes out, Kelsey learns that there’s more to her mom’s story than meets the eye.