Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

By Andi Watson

Kerry’s parents are very sick and he is their only hope. So Kerry leaves their family farm to retrieve their lifesaving medicine.  As he skirts the forest on the way back, he is led astray by what appears to be a little girl.  But this girl isn’t what she seems.  As Kerry follows her into the woods, he quickly becomes lost.

The forest itself is filled with dangers.  From one-eyed monsters to mystical weed-filled swamps to captive children, Kerry finds peril wherever he runs.  He is desperate to find his way home, but every turn in the forest seems to take him further into darkness.

But on his travels, Kerry also meets an old forest creature called Waystone.  With his one eye and rock-like appearance, Waystone seems rather menacing.   But Kerry quickly learns that Waystone is the Knight of the Forest, a trustworthy fellow who is willing and able to lead Kerry back to his farm.

Even with Waystone on his side, moving through the dark forest is not easy.  But as danger closes in, Kerry unexpectedly finds friends too.  His open heart allows him to trust some of the forest dwellers, despite Waystone’s warnings.  Will Kerry’s faith in the goodness of the world be his ultimate downfall?

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that leads readers down the path of the old-fashioned lost-in-the-woods fairy tale.  By turns frightening and hopeful, Kerry will keep you hooked from beginning to end.