City Spies

City Spies

 By James Ponti

At age twelve, Sara Martinez has already lived in many different foster homes.  Her foster parents often cared more about money than their children.  As a computer hacker, she is now facing years of juvenile detention when a new “lawyer” appears and offers her a deal.  Before she knows it, she is whisked off to Aisling Scotland with a man known as Mother.  Sara is to become the hacker in a small team of children who work as spies for MI6.

No one goes by their real name of course.  Each child’s name reflects the city they came from.  Rio, Paris, Kat and Sydney all have different areas of strength and all play different roles on the team.  Sara quickly becomes known as Brooklyn and is thrown into training for a mission destined to take place in the next few weeks.

The team from FARM, as they are known, will infiltrate a global youth summit in Paris where an international organization called Sinclair Scientifica is challenging groups of youth to come up with ways of making artificial rain.  But there is more to this summit than environmentalism.  Stavros Sinclair, the leader of Sinclair Scientifica, is in real danger from a group called Umbra.  It is FARM’s job to keep him safe.

As the youth summit unfolds, our five heroes learn that things are not as they seem.  Brooklyn (Sara) may have to do far more than she bargained for to save her teammates and the rest of the children at the summit.

City Spies is a thrilling adventure that will keep you hooked!  If you are a fan of spy novels (Spy School, Alex Rider series, etc.) you will love City Spies!

Grades 5 and up.