Greenglass House

Greenglass HouseBy Kate Milford

As Christmas approaches, twelve-year-old Milo Pine can’t wait for his vacation.  But plans to spend the holidays alone with his parents are thwarted as a series of unexpected guests arrives at Greenglass House, which doubles as a hotel.

Each guest is unusual in his or her own way.  Georgie has blue hair and carries The Raconteur’s Commonplace Book which contains folklore about the local area.  Clem runs all the way up the Grouse Grind-like staircase that leads to the house and always moves in complete silence.  Mr. Vinge wears polka dotted, argyle or other fancy socks at all times.  

These are only some of the houseguests and all of them have secrets.  When items start to go missing from the guestrooms, Milo and his new friend Meddy devise a scheme to find the thief.

The two children explore the house and begin to learn about its past; they discover that each of the guests has some kind of link to the house.  The mystery deepens as the stolen items are found.  Maps, codes, watermarks, a keychain and the house’s green stained glass all become pieces of a puzzle that Milo and Meddy must solve.

As the snow outside turns into a full-blown storm, the power goes out at Greenglass House.  The guests are effectively trapped in the remote hotel with a thief among them.  Can Milo and Meddy solve the mystery and keep all the guests (and Milo’s parents) safe? 

If you love puzzles and codes and solving mysteries, this book is for you.  Get cozy on your winter holidays and read Greenglass House!