Mighty Jack

Mighty JackBy Ben Hatke

Mighty Jack is a modern interpretation of Jack and the Beanstalk.  You might call it a fractured fairy tale transformed into a graphic novel.

Jack has been left in charge of his autistic sister Maddy for the summer.  Of course, his mom has to work, but Jack doesn’t want the responsibility.  When Jack finally hears Maddy speak for the first time, he is so stunned that he lets her talk him into trading his mom’s car for some magic seeds.

Using those seeds, Jack and Maddy plant a garden in the backyard.  But the magical jungle that grows is more than they bargained for.  Onion babies that run around, plants that bite and other terrifying and thrilling creatures populate the garden.

As Jack and Maddy watch the garden grow, Maddy begins to come to out of her shell, connecting with the garden in ways Jack didn’t think were possible.  The garden also attracts Lilly, a neighbour from down the road.  Jack’s summer might just be turning around.  

But when the garden turns really sinister, Jack must make a decision: allow the magic to flourish, or save his sister’s life.  Both Maddy and Lilly want to keep the magic, no matter what the danger.  What should Jack do?