The Alcatraz Escape

The Alcatraz EscapeBy Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Join Emily, James and friends on another adventure.  This time, Garrison Griswold plans to challenge his many fans with Unlock the Rock, a game that takes place entirely in Alcatraz prison.  Participants must solve a puzzle to even qualify for the game.  Once they are on Alcatraz Island, they are confronted with many different kinds of puzzles, but not all of them will help them solve the game’s mystery.

Adding to this challenge is the famous and reclusive author Errol Roy.  No one knows what Roy looks like, but amazingly, he has come forward to plan a mystery on behalf of Garrison Griswold.  Roy himself appears at Unlock the Rock, but is nothing like the dashing detective his readers imagined.  His mystery, in fact, reveals many surprising things about the author himself.

Although Emily and James are over the moon about the competition, their spirits are dampened somewhat by threatening notes that they receive, warning them to stay away from the contest.  And when they arrive, items start to go missing and reappear in some very strange places.

Can Emily and James overcome these challenges to Unlock the Rock?

Book Scavengerfans will love the latest San Francisco adventure from Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.  This time, readers will explore the dark and dank reaches of Alcatraz, a prison that once housed some of America’s most notorious criminals.

Highly recommended!