The Poet’s Dog

The Poet’s DogBy Patricia MacLachlan

Siblings Flora and Nickel are lost in a snowstorm.  As the blizzard envelops them, someone comes to the rescue.  But Teddy is not your usual someone – he is a dog.

Teddy takes the two children to his cabin.  The poet who used to take care of Teddy is gone, and Teddy is all alone.  Until now.  

Although Teddy has words and understands English, most people cannot hear dogs when they talk.  But because they are children, Flora and Nickel can hear Teddy and they are thrilled to meet him.  They spend 5 days in his cabin, cooking meals and sleeping by the fire while the wind and snow rage outside.

The poet’s story slowly unfolds during the children’s visit.  Where did he go?  And why has Teddy been left all alone?

The Poet’s Dog is a lovely story about friendship and understanding between humans and animals.  The lyrical writing feels like a long poem.  Although both children and dog are stranded in a forest cabin, they never feel lonely, because they have each other.  But sooner or later, Flora and Nickel will have to return home to their parents.

Will anyone ever come to find them?  And what will become of Teddy, a dog on his own?

Highly recommended, especially for kids who love animals!