The Wild Robot Escapes

The Wild Robot EscapesBy Peter Brown

Our beloved robot, Roz, returns in Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot Escapes.  This time, Roz finds herself at Hilltop Farm where her job is to manage the animals, grow the crops, fix the farm machines and make sure everything runs smoothly.  

The farm is owned by Mr. Shareef.  He and his two children, Jad and Jaya, can give Roz any orders they like and Roz must obey.  Roz is programmed to do as she is told, yet she cannot stop thinking about her son, Brightbill, and her old life on the island.  Naturally, she begins to plot her escape.

Roz befriends the farm animals, of course, all of whom want to help her reunite with her son.  To her surprise, she also begins to care about the Shareefs, especially Jad and Jaya.  Although she knows she must leave them, she is torn by her “feelings” for them and her desire to help them.

But how can a robot with a built-in tracking device escape?  Can a robot really grow to care for people and animals?  After all, Roz is not supposed to have feelings.

Join Roz on another can’t-put-it-down adventure as she battles against wolves, the RECOs, and even her own programming to return to the island where she belongs.

This is the second book in the series, so make sure you read The Wild Robot first.

Highly recommended!