Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln?

Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln?By Kate DiCamillo

In the third installment in the Tales from Deckawoo Drive series, Baby Lincoln is feeling stifled by her older sister Eugenia.  Having been bossed around by the rule-bound Eugenia all her life, Baby Lincoln decides she must go on a “necessary journey”, although she does not know where.

Baby buys a train ticket to the only place she can afford – Fluxom —  and embarks.  On the train, she meets a series of people who change her life.  There’s a man in an enormous fur hat who introduces Baby to the joy of comics, a form of literature that Eugenia believes is a colossal waste of time.  There’s Sheila Marsden, who shares her bag of jellybeans and asks for Baby’s real name.  (Imagine – her real name is Lucille!)  And there’s little George, a young boy traveling alone.  Baby tells him a story and earns a friend for life.

Baby is learning that she doesn’t have to live life by Eugenia’s rules, but she desperately misses her sister.  Just as she starts to feel lonely, she arrives in Fluxom.  To her surprise, Eugenia is waiting for her!  Reunited, they return to Mercy Watson’s house for some toast with a great deal of butter on it.

Playful, fun and heartwarming, this story is a great read-aloud and perfect for new chapter book readers.