Book of the Month: December – Three Dark Crowns

by Kendare Blake

In every generation on the island Fennbirn, a set of triplet queens are born. Each child has the same claim to the throne, but only one can rule. The sisters must fight to the death, until only one queen remains. 

Torn apart from each other at a young age, the queen sisters are raised by different families and have no memories of their each other. Queen Katherine lives with the Poisoners where she is being taught to withstand the effects of the deadliest poisons. Queen Mirabella lives with the Elementalists who can control the five elements at the blink of an eye. Queen Arsinoe lives with the Naturalists who have the ability to control a pack of wild lions. Each queen should be equal in strength and ability, but only Queen Mirabella appears to have any powers. The Islanders think they have found their new queen and the long reign of poisoner queens is coming to an end. But the Poisoners are ruthless people and they will do whatever it takes to maintain their hold on the island. And although the Naturalists are peaceful people, one cannot discount their wisdom and hunger for change.

The queens are coming up on their sixteenth birthday and the bloody battle for the throne is about to begin… and will not end until only one queen remains….

I first fell in love with Kendare Blake while reading Anna Dressed in Blood, and was eager to read her newest book.Three Dark Crowns did not disappoint. It is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. It is filled with likable characters and a unique story line, not to mention a cliff-hanger that will leave you desperate to find out what happens next. A highly recommended read!