Book of the Month – Happily Ever After

By Kiera Cass  Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass is a relative of the Selection Series. While this book is not part of the chronological selection stories, it does offer a behind the scenes look at some of the more prominent characters in the main series. Before picking up this book, you need to be aware that it contains spoilers and if you have not completed the Selection books before reading it, you will learn the outcome of things yet to happen. Despite having read this book while waiting for the Heir to arrive, I still enjoyed reading about the characters I had come to know, even though some information about future events was revealed.In this book, each character has his or own chapter, and we learn a little of their back story, which helps in some cases to understand the actions of the character in the series. The Queen takes us into Queen Amberly’s pre-queen days and we can see why she has an affinity for America. In The Prince lets us a little futher inside Maxon. Aspen`s story is told in The Guard and is a little longer than the others. Truth be told, I get a little tired of Aspen in the series, he unnecessarily hounds America. I really liked The Favourite, as Marlee was a good friend to America and I was saddened at her demise, so this tale gave me a little more information to lift that sadness. I did not really care for Celeste, but this chapter did help me to dislike her a little less. With The Maid,  I was happy to learn a bit more about Lucy and her chance for happiness. After the One offers a glimpse at America’s mew life and there’s a final chapter that wraps up the girls who remained in the selection to the end. I liked that as I often wonder what happened to those “left behind” and it was a nice way to end their stories. If you like this series, you might like to try this collection of short stories. It’s a nice quick read, and takes you a bit further into the world of the Selection.