Going Bovine

by Libba Bray

Cameron, a lazy, underachieving, high school pot head is diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. The disease is terminal, there is no cure, he’s done. However, at the hospital, he is visited by a pink-haired punk rock angel named Dulcie who tells him his only chance of survival is to find Dr. X.  Thus begins the craziest road trip every conceived.

Along with Gonzo, Cameron’s hypochondriac hospital roommate, and a garden gnome who is actually the Norse god Balder, Cameron sets off across America looking for the mysterious Dr. X. Although Cameron is initially not particularly likeable, his character grows throughout the book until you eventually find yourself rooting for this unsuspecting hero. A series of seemingly random, hilarious mishaps later, the story comes to an amazing ending, tying all these random events into a truly unforgettable climax.

Libba Bray’s humour and wild imagination make for an amazing read filled with churches of perpetual happiness, snow globes, and countless laugh out loud moments. This social satire is well worth the read, carrying with it a clear message to live life to the fullest.

Warning: Strong Language used. Intended for older teen audience.