ShadowshaperBy Daniel Jose OlderHere is an urban fantasy set in the magical city of Brooklyn. Shadowshaper follows artist Sierra Santiago during a summer of discovery. Sierra’s family has been keeping a secret from her but with the help of her friends she will find out what a special soul she truly is. Sierra and her friends know the streets of Brooklyn well and Older describes the city with such colour and love that the reader feels like they have been transported. Older has brought us a diverse cast of characters with an inspiring lead in Sierra an Afro-Latina youth who speaks her mind and holds her own even when things start to get chaotic she can gather herself and take charge.Sierra finds out that she has a family history that allows her to see the souls of the dead, she is a legacy of a supernatural order called the Shadowshapers. She has the power to connect with spirits of people who have passed through her artwork. With a swirl of paint, in some graffiti, even a simple side walk chalk drawing Sierra can bring forth and call upon the energy of the dead.This book was recommended to me because I enjoyed some of Cassandra Clare’s work. I have to say that Shadowshaper’s is far superior writing with much more relatable and interesting characters. Two thumbs up from me!Shadowshaper is available in audio format on Hoopla and e-Book on Overdrive.